Aguirre – Double Disc AC2 (Aguirre 12 – 24m)


Product Information:

The versatile AC2-1000 double disc 3-point mounted spreader with a hopper capacity of ±1000 liters has specifically been designed for the medium size farmer where simplicity in operation, affordability and durability is of great importance. The hopper is made from polyester and fiberglass and this unique combination guarantees a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion produced by chemical agents. All the parts like the disc and distribution blades, calibration plate and bolts are made from stainless steel and to ensure simple and easy calibration, access to the regulation mechanism is very simple. This allows the spreader to be calibrated accurately to spread any type of granular fertilizer (12 to 24m) and also permits quick and easy cleaning. Optional equipment like hydraulic shutter control, sifting mesh, banding chute and mechanical agitator can easily be factory or retro fitted.

Model Capacity Spread With Weight Mount Height
AC2-1000 +/- 1000 L 12,15,18,21,24m 233 kg 3-Point 950mm


• Mounts to tractors 3 point hitch
• Hopper capacity, ±1000 Litres
• Polyester and fiberglass hopper
• Working widths from 12 to 24m
• Stainless steel disc and vanes.
• Range of optional equipment.

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