Cima – 3-Point Centrifugal (Cima 300 – 600l)


Product Information:

On all models (300, 400 and 600 Litre) the tanks are manufactured from virtually indestructible polyethylene and the frames epoxy coated to resist corrosion and chemical aggression. The concept of operation revolves around a centrifugal fan that creates a high static pressure to produce high air speeds in the venturi of the outlet. Air speeds of up to 600km/hr can atomize liquid into very fine spray with a volume mean diameter (VMD) of 80  – 250 micron throughout the volume range that can be passed through the calibration discs. This means that the full range of calibration from 50 – 8000 litre per hectare (depending on the model) can be applied without changing nozzles and at pressures in the liquid system of less than 3bar. The excellent coverage can be attributed to the high air speed that penetrates easily into dense foliage, carrying the atomized liquid into the target area and depositing spray evenly over the top and bottom leaf surfaces. (This happens when the high speed jet exist the outlet and within a short distance quickly entraps the environmental air. This brings large amounts of air into motion to assist with the movement of the foliage for better catch efficiency.) A large variety of spray-heads are readily available to cater for the stringent demands of vegetable, vineyard, orchard and row crop spraying. The flexibility of the Cima is illustrated in the fact that there is literally no crop that cannot be sprayed effectively by selecting the appropriate spray-head. This means that the same base unit can be adapted to have a multitude of applications.

• Three fan sizes, diameter 450 (P42), 500 (P45) and 550mm(P50)
• Range of tank sizes, 300, 400, 600 Litre
• Various spray-head configurations.
• Venturi atomization, no nozzles or high-pressure pump.
• Disc calibration for ease and accuracy.
• Hydraulic air bubble agitation
• Clean water tank
• Tanks made from Polyethylene.
• Independent left/right on/off.

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