Cosmo – Single Disc (Cosmo 7 – 12m)


Product Information:

The P500 with a hopper capacity of 350 Litre, has specifically been designed to cater for the emerging and small farmer who would like a no nonsense value for money spreader that is of sound quality and will ensure a long field service at low cost per hectare. The inner surface wall of the hopper is perfectly smooth to allow the free and continuous fall of the fertilizer toward the exit ports to give constant regularity of spread at the desired opening setting. As optional equipment an internal agitator complete with an acid-resistant buffer wheel can be fitted when powder type or similar fertilizers are used. The tough 1:1 ratio gearbox has an outer shell that is formed from pressed ribbed steel and the tempered conical pinions gears are constantly immersed in an oil bath. To ensure an even width and uniformity of spread of up to14m great care has been taken in the manufacture of the spreader disc and vanes. (Stamped and profiled)

• Mounts to tractors 3 point hitch
• High quality, tough robust.
• Ideally suited for both the small and emerging farmer.
• Spreading width from 7 to 14m

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