Krone – Bellima


Product Information:

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•    An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust
•    An endless chain-and-slat elevator
– excels in silage, hay and straw
– eliminates the risk of bale stops
– produces high-density and well-shaped bales
– achieves high bale weights
•    Low input requirement
•    Low dead weight
•    Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design
•    Few and short-length drive chains
•    Camless EasyFlow pick-up

• Bale diameters F series Ø1.25m
• Suited for tractors from 25 to 34kW.
• Fully enclosed bale chamber.
• Low maintenance per hectare.
• Endless chain-and-slat elevator
• Camless Easy-Flow Pick-Up

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