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Product Information:

Features of the Bale accumulator for Big Pack bales:

Phiber Bale Stacker: The in cab monitor allows the operator to see how many bales are being carried and allows the
flexibility to eject anytime aer it completes the current bale cycle. On the accumulator the operator
can set it to stack bales two (3×4 or 4×4) or three high (3×4 only). The Vertical Stacking Accumulator
is designed to fit on all major brands of 48″ (120cm) wide balers. The accumulator is
designed for dry hay with bales ranging from 73” (185cm) to 102”(260cm) bale lengths.
The accumulator is attached to the baler with a 3 point system that reduces the load on the back
of the baler. The machine is powered by the tractor hydraulics and can be configured for all three
dierent hydraulic systems on the market. There are multiple safe guards both electronically and
physically to protect the baler and accumulator in the event an abnormal bale is formed


Higs Speed Series: 1270, 1290 HDP XS

• Wide pick up, 2 & 2.35m
• Large fly wheel for low power consumption
• Variable feed system. (VFS)
• Double knotter
• High density bales (up to 25% more dense)
• Super large bales (120cm x 130cm x 320cm)

HPD features:
•          Up to 25 % more weight per bale
•          Fewer bales per acre
•          Faster baling of the field
•          Lower transportation costs
•          Up to 5 tons higher payload per truck
•          Reduction of labour costs
•          Smaller storage space needed

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Download Brochure

Download Brochure


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