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Product Information:

F125/F125XC & F155/155XC

• Bale diameters F125 series Ø1.25m

• Bale diameters F155 series adjustable in 5 cm increments Ø1.25m – 1,55m

• Suited for tractors from 36 to 55kW.
• Fully enclosed bale chamber.
• Low maintenance per hectare.
• Novo-Grip elevator
• Easy-Flow Pick-Up

Breaking new ground in round baling technology, Comprima sets a new benchmark in round baler manufacturing
The comprehensive range consists of fixed, semi-variable and variable chamber models. The new generation Comprima Round Pack series is suited for tractors from 36 to 40kW. Comprima boasts a host of innovative features, including a cam trackless Easy-Flow Pick-Up. Krone is the first manufacturer to offer a pick-up without cam track. The high light of this pick-up unit is the special design of galvanized scrapers, which ensures a continuous flow of crop as the tines retract. Easy flow operates at a higher speed for cleaner gathering and higher productivity. The new Novo-Grip elevator made up of rubber treaded fabric belts in combination with horizontal slats. The system achieves dramatically higher bale densities and throughputs while enhancing smooth running and reducing wear and maintenance. The Comprima round balers are equipped with either a feed rotor or a rotor cutter. Either system ensures an extremely smooth flow of material from the pick-up to the bale chamber. The X-Cut rotor cutters are specialist systems when it comes to achieving even higher bales densities and producing bales that break up easily in the feeding process. The rotor pulls the crop persistently through a maximum number of 17 or 26 knives which are arranged in one plane. Benefiting from a straight forward design and superior functionality, the new Krone net wrap system offers faster wrapping cycles than a twine wrap system. Therefore, the machine is able to put our more bales per hour. Higher throughputs free up time to do other jobs while cutting the tractors fuel rate per bale. The net wrap system accepts net rolls with a capacity of up to 3600m
The F 125 / F125 XC / F155 / F155 XC is available as standard import to South Africa. The Comprima V & CF series is available as special import. Please enquire

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