Product Information:

Protecting crops requires a high adaptability of the farmer when facing occupational hazards. The ATLANTIQUE meets these needs by combining the various equipments: Frame in machine welded steel with drawbar adjustable in height, suspension on boom parallelogram, polyester tank with rinsing tank, housing with multifunction valves, piston-diaphragm and centrifugal pumps to meet flow requirements, link rods or EQUILIBRA boom suspension, plus numerous optional equipment.

Standard specification:
– 3200 Litre tank capacity
– Polyester tank with smooth inside and out
– Dry sight level gauge
– Comet PM265 Piston-diaphragm pump
– Parking jack
– Adjustable drawbar
– Large platform with rails
– Pressure guage
– Hydraulic agitation
– Large suction filter
– 300L rinse tank, 16L clean water tank
– 35L chemical inductor with can rinse
– 2 rotating rinse nozzles
– Track adjustable axle1.65 to 2.25m
–  5m Filling hose with filter
– Road lights
– Wheel size 13.6 x 38
– No parking brake

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