The comprehensive range of Kuhn FC 243 mounted mower conditioners with a working width and available in Roller, Nylon V-shaped fingers or steel finger rotor. Ground adaptation on the smaller models is by means of adjustable suspension springs to enable the perfectly balanced head to skim flat or hilly ground and that on the larger models, by means of the patented hydro-pneumatic suspension system called ‘LIFT CONTROL’ (The mower-conditioning unit ground.Two types of conditioning systems are used. The finger and reversible comb type is best suited for grass and other heavy stem varieties while the roller type is used for crops sensitive to the loss of leaves like Lucerne. Common features on all the models would be the high rate of working speed, a non-clogging cutter-bar and no blades to sharpen. This can be attributed to the sophisticated oval cutting disc profile that allows for positive ejection of cut material and increased knife overlap for a cleaner cut. The cutter bar also allows for each disc bearing station to be individually removed thus minimizing down time and cost. The machines are fitted with a safety breakaway mechanism that allows the Mower conditioner to swing to the rear were and obstacle to be struck. To facilitate transport and negate narrow gates and tracks, the machines swing through 90° and locate behind the tractor out of the way. Excellent swath quality coupled with low horsepower requirements and operating cost makes this range of mower conditioner a must for any discerning farmer.

* Available as special import. (Please enquire)

Product Information:

• Mounts to tractors 3 Point hitch.
• Cutting width from 2.4
• Suited for tractors from 51 to 75kW
• Sophisticated oval cutting disc.
• Cutting disc bearing station individually removed.
• Safety breakaway mechanism.
• Patented ‘Lift control’ system.

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