Kuhn – 3-Pt. Single Rotor (GA 3.2m – 4.5m)


Product Information:

The 3 Point mounted GA 300G / GM ‘Gyrorakes’ allow one to harvest a crop rich in leaves and full of essential nutrients. This range is either available with a fixed or pivoting headstock and is fitted with 9 arms (each with 3 double tines) to allow for a working width of 3.2m To ensure the formation of even, fast drying swaths that are free of stones, the tine arms follow a cam profile that provides a high clearance in the swath area. The fixed headstock is ideally suited for hilly terrain whilst the pivoting headstock allows for increased maneuverability and improved terrain following. Both models are fitted with high flotation balloon tyres for improved performance over uneven terrain.

The 3 Point mounted *GA 4121 GM equipped with 10 tines respectively, with working widths of 4.1m, allow for operation at a higher ground speed while maintaining a slow rotor speed. This ensures that the crop is raked both cleanly and gently. The patented double bent design of the tine arms increase capacity and enable optimum raking of the crop. Perfectly formed, airy swaths are obtained that decrease drying time and improve the feeding capacity of the baler or forage harvester. Both models are equipped with a pivoting headstock and high flotation tyres for improved performance and stability over uneven terrain.

• Working widths from 3.2 to 4.1m
• Mounted to the tractors 3 Point.
• High floatation tyres on single or tandem axle.
• Fixed or pivoting headstock.
• Fully enclosed gearbox

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