Kuhn – Double Disc Axis (12m – 42m)


Product Information:

The new versatile GPS compatible AXIS 20.1, *30.1, *40.1 and *50.1 range of 3-Point mounted spreaders with either manual adjustment rates, electronic application rate or with built in weighing system have been designed to satisfy the most demanding user requirements, in terms of regular and even spread (12-50m), ease of operation, long-term reliability and technological advancement.

One of the main attributes of this range is its accuracy and versatility in choice of spread patterns. The CDA® distribution (Coaxial distribution adjustment, no influence from varying rates) excels in spreading evenness across the whole width. The hopper base and outlet specification allows the opening angle to change according to the flow and its shape also modifies the drop point on the distribution disc. The result is a no flow rate variation for a constant spreading evenness over the whole width irrespective of the tractor speed or application rate variation during work. The hopper bases are designed for high outputs (up to 500kg/min enabling 600kg/ha at a speed exceeding 13km/h) Working width adjustment is just a click. The DFC scale’s large dimension and graduations proportional to the flow make application rate adjustment a practical and precise operation. By opening the lever position by 10% the application rate increases by 10% and vice versa. (From a few grams/minute up to 500kg/min simply by changing the lever position) The ultra slow rotating agitator (17 rpm) ensures a regular flow, preventing fertilizer from grinding and clogging the outlets, even when an individual outlet is shut off completely. As standard or optional equipment the spreaders can be fitted with a stainless steel TELIMAT for nonstop border spreading. Furthermore, to ensure reduced maintenance, the gearbox first oil change is after 10 years. The hopper base, application rate and spreading components are made from 100% stainless steel and the disc can be removed without tools to ensure easy and fast emptying of residue. Optional equipment would include a range of disc for additional spread patterns, hopper extensions and Telimat border spreading to mention but a few.

* Models imported to SA as a standard

• Mounts to tractors 3 point hitch
• GPS Compatible
• Basic hopper capacity 1000,1200,3000 & 4000L
• Bin extensions available on certain models.
• Working width from 12 to 50m
• TELIMAT nonstop border spreading.
• Stainless steel disc and vanes.
• Spreads more than 500kg/min at 13km/h

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