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The **EL 122 and ** EL 162 rotary tillers is available as a special import to S.A. (Please enquire) The range with working widths from 2.5 to 3m provide optimized seedbed preparation that enhance soil structure and increases germination and root development for vigorous plant growth to ensure maximum yields. Furthermore, reduced operating cost have been made possible through broad working widths, versatility and operator convenience. The EL122 and 162 range is intended for tractors rated from 73 to 121kw and the one-piece frame offers improved rigidity even in the most arduous conditions. The heavy-duty dual speed gearbox allows for the setting of 4 rotor speeds (This is made possible by transposing gears as the gearbox includes two sets of gears, one fitted and the other located on the rear cover) to provide ideal rotational speed required for any given soil. An output PTO enables power to be transmitted to other implements fitted to the tiller. Power is transmitted to a large diameter rotor through a side drive gear wheels running in a permanent oil-bath to ensure long field service and minimal maintenance. The machines have a simplified rotor replacement to facilitate easy replacement of worn blades or points or to exchange different rotors. These would include the ‘Cultirotor’ fitted with curved blades to chop and bury plant debris, the ‘Cultiplough’ fitted with angled blades to prepare seedbeds in clay soils or other soils that are heavy and difficult to crumble and the ‘Cultitiller’ fitted with angled tines for seedbed preparation after ploughing or in unploughed lands. A range of optional equipment like crumble and packer rollers can be fitted as a standard and depth control on all models is controlled and adjusted by means of skids or rear wheels.

The **EL 201 is also available as a special import to S.A. (Please enquire) This range of Power Tillers is rated for tractors up to 147kw and has working widths of 3 and 4m respectively, this range is fitted with a ‘Multiplex’ gearbox and selector lever.

**Available as special import to S.A. (Please enquire)

• Mounts to tractors 3 Point hitch.
• Working widths from 2.5 to 3.0m.
• Dual speed gearbox, 4 speed settings.
• Rotor drive, via a side drive gearbox.
• Rated for tractors from 73-121kw.
• Depth control wheels or castor skids.
• Range of optional equipment available.

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