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The **EL43 range of Rotary Tiller with working widths from 1.07 to 1.48m is particularly suited for small tractors ranging in size from 11 to 30kw and is available as a special import. Please enquire for further information.
The EL 53 range however is imported to S.A. and has been designed for operation in more demanding environments and on tractors with greater horsepower of up to 50hp (37kw). The range with working widths from 0.97 to 1.88m meets the needs of contractors who demand the most from a tiller and is the ideal tool for soil preparation needs of vineyard, orchard and landscape contractors. A central single speed gearbox mounted directly to the tiller frame drives the rotor via a side drive chain that runs in a permanent oil bath. The oversized chain, with automatic tension adjustments, minimizes maintenance whilst providing a smooth drive and long service life. Offset of the tiller to the right can be made easily within minutes by means of sliding the 3 Point attachment frame and central gearbox to the left. To provide optimum depth control (50 to 150mm working depth) the range can be fitted either with castor skids or wheels.
** Available as special import to S.A. (Please enquire)

• Mounts to tractors 3 Point hitch.
• Working widths from 0.97 to 1.88m
• Single speed gearbox.
• Rotor drive via chain.
• Rated for tractors up to 37kw
• Lateral offset to the right.
• Depth control wheels or castor skids.

Medium Duty Download Brochure

Medium Duty Tiller Download Brochure


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