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The ‘Kuhn Metasa’ PDM PG Minimum till mechanical plate large seed planters consist of various size models ranging in working widths of 4 to 19 row units spaced at 45, 75 and 90cm respectively. The models are rated for tractors ranging from 64 to175kw and very capable of planting in the tough adverse conditions found in S.A. (This can be attributed to the strong well-designed frame with its clean layout allowing maximum trash flow at all times) On all the models, a large adjustable spring controlled Ø18” residue cutting coulters is fitted in front of the fertilizer applicators and seeding units. Depending on the soil conditions and the crop residue load, two types of fertilizer applicators can be fitted onto an adjustable pressure spring controlled arm. These would include either the un-phased double disc opener consisting of a Ø16” leading disc which cuts ahead of the Ø15.5” disc (Both disc axles are in line, thus preventing the one disc wearing out the other) and on these a set of disc coverers can be fitted as optional equipment, or alternatively, a knife opener that can have a depth wheel fitted as optional equipment. The mechanical seed metering units are connected to the main frame by means of a robust adjustable spring pressure controlled parallelogram. These units have the same un-phased double disc openers fitted as that used for the fertilizer applicator and the depth is controlled accurately by means of a set of mechanical adjusted rubber pivoting wheels set to the rear of the disc. For proper closing of the seed furrow the ‘V’ type-closing wheel allows one to adjust the downward pressure and the closing angle. As a standard all the models are fitted with a set of hydraulic row markers that mark to the center of the tractor.

• Working widths from 4 to19 rows
• Row spacing of  45, 75 and 90cm
• Rated for tractors from 64kw-175kw
• Parallelogram mounted seeding unit.
• Accurate mechanical metering
• Hydraulic row markers
• Range of optional equipment

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