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The PPK large seed mechanical plate planter is the next step up from the PLM planter range and has specifically been designed with the larger more professional grower taken into consideration. The 2 and 3 row models are 3-point mounted and the 4 and 5 row models trailed. Standard row spacing on the planters is 45, 75 and 90cm and the trailed models have hydraulic row markers fitted as standard. The planters are rated for tractors from 25 -45kw and the fertilizer and seed drives are from free standing land wheels providing the required drive via a variable rate gearbox. Metering of the fertilizer is by means of a spiral roller and that of the seed, by means of fitting various size seed plates that are mechanically driven.

The parallel linkage PPK row unit is made up as follows; it has a large 17” spring mounted residue cutting disc in the front followed by an adjustable fertilizer knife opener which is fed from large plastic fertilizer hoppers mounted onto the frame of the planters. (The fertilizer is placed below or to the side of the seed and as optional equipment; the knife opener can be substituted for 13” un-phased double disc opener) Behind this one finds the 13” un-phased double disc seed openers that are fed from a large 142.5L plastic seed hopper mounted onto the row units. To close the seed, an adjustable planter ‘limiter’ is fitted.

• Models PLM and PPK
• Row widths 45, 75 & 90cm
• Number of rows 1 to 5
• 3-point mounted and trailed models
• Parallelogram mounted row units
• Accurate mechanical metering of seed and fertilizer
• Mechanical and hydraulic row markers.

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