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Product Information:

The mid-range, standard pre-stretch, RW 1410 is the most versatile self-loading round bale wrapper. The RW 1410 will lift bales up to 150 cm in diameter and 1000 kg, due to its unique low-profile chassis design with wide track wheels. The new design of the RW 1410 has a wrapping table with 4 belts, stronger frame and high grip film cutter for optimal results. The RW 1410 can be operated via the 3-handle cable control or computer control box.
Besides a standard single stretch, KUHN introduces the all new RW 1410 with e-Twin for excellent cost efficient fast wrapping. The innovative e-Twin technology enables to wrap via a unique combined pre-stretcher design with patented film distribution to save 50% on wrapping time and also on film costs. Unique advantages of e-Twin:
–    Pre-stretch ratio can be increased leading towards further film savings.
–    Tighter wrapped bales increases the airtightness and so quality of feed.
–    Extreme tear resistance in hot circumstances.
–    Approx. 80cm height film when arriving at the bale ensures less wrinkling and better positioned film wrap around the bale.

KUHN RW 1410M Round bale Wrapper
•    Trailed
•    3 Lever remote cable operated
•    360/55-12” wheels
•    Monitor
•    Cut & Tie
•    4 Roll film magazine
•    E-Twin pre-stretcher – fast wrapping with 2 rolls of film simultaneously.

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