Product Information:

The Kuhn SDE with working widths of 17 and 19 rows @ 17cm and 15.8cm spacing is rated for tractors from 75 – 83kW and has the same attributes as the SDM Versatile. It has specifically been designed for the contractor who would like to move the implement from paddock to paddock without having to worry about transport width. The SDE model is designed to overcome this problem by having the depth wheels fitted at the rear of the implement. This reduces the transport width from 4.46m to that of 3.0m. (Large gain units can unfortunately not be fitted)

• Working widths from 11 – 27 rows at 17cm spacing.
• Rated for tractors from 50-128kw.
• Double disc openers split over two rows / gangs.
• Sow 3-4 different seeds at the same time.
• Easily converted to a large seed planter.

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