Kuhn – Trailed Finger Wheel (4.7 – 9.5m)


Product Information:

SR 50 Speed rake
Kuhn, the innovator and leader in the carted wheel rake market, is excited to introduce a new series, the SR 50 SpeedRake® wheel rake.
The SR 50 series boasts exceptional quality and simplicity for smaller acreage producers not requiring the deluxe features of the SR 100 GII. Working widths range from 5,2 – 6,5m with a standard 8-wheel configuration and an optional extension to make a 10-wheel model. The built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slots, combined with simple leaf spring flotation, result in superior terrain following without the need for a tractor equipped with hydraulic float. The fully welded frame provides outstanding reliability and ease of use. Standard single-side raking allows flexibility for ultimate crop management.

SR 108/110/112 Speed rake
The KUHN SR 108, 110 and 112 SpeedRakes are the choice of hay producers looking for a carted wheel rake that can rake hay fast and effectively at a reasonable price. The SpeedRake features innovations such as high-clearance wheel pairs, balanced chassis, raised frame, adjustable suspension, and flat folding raking wheels. The SpeedRake, designed for farmers by farmers and tested in extensive field trials, is the new standard in durability. The SR110 has a 5,2 – 6,5m raking width, whilst the SR112 can do 5,7 – 7,1m raking widths.

SR300 Speed rake
The new Kuhn SR 300 SpeedRakes are the choice for hay producers who expect both exceptional transportability and high-capacity raking for optimum harvest productivity. Its innovative hydraulic, parallel-folding design provides convenient operation from the tractor seat. Cantilever main raking beams eliminate the need for caster support wheels, which allows for raking closer to fences and other obstructions. Individually-floating, high-capacity rake-wheel arms and a high-clearance frame offer clean raking and even crop flow for a fluffy, uniform windrow. This all-new wheel rake from Kuhn yet again raises the bar for innovation, durability and raking performance. The SR312 has a 6,4 – 7,4m raking width.

SR600 Speed rake
The SR 600 GII is the next generation heavy-duty, high-capacity SpeedRake, designed to meet the needs of today’s progressive hay producers. With 14- and 16-wheel configurations and raking widths up to 31′, the innovative design provides unparalleled maneuverability on the road and in the field. This rake can turn on a dime! Productivity is maximized with standard windguards, and all adjustments are simple and easy to perform. The SR 600 GII provides clean raking while preserving crop stubble, as well as optimized windrow formation, for a total package that offers the ultimate combination of efficiency and quality performance.

The SR616 rakes up to 9,4m width.

• Attachment Trailed
• Working widths from 4.7m to 9.5m
• Rated for tractors from 15kW to 29kW

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