Kuhn – Trailed (GMD TL Series 3.1 & 4.0m)


The new trailed GMD 3150 /3550/ 4050 TL offers high working rates, simple adjustments and low maintenance, for dependable grass and forage harvesting. These trailed mowers provide easier tractor attachment as well as improved cutter-bar flotation and contour following, compared to fully-mounted models. The trailed design also lowers the tractor ballast requirement, allowing use with smaller tractors, while maintaining excellent stability both at work and in transport. These new Kuhn mowers are the logical, practical alternative to mounted disc mower and “caddy” combinations. Get quality and reliability, along with outstanding support and maximum resale value, from the pioneer in disc mower technology and the world’s leading implement manufacturer.

The trailed mower design reduces the tractor size requirements when compared to fully mounted disc mowers that cut in the 3.1m to 4.0m. The new OPTIDISC® Cutter-bar offers exclusive differential disc spacing. Narrower spacing at diverging discs provides greater knife overlap for cleaner cutting in difficult conditions. Wider spacing at converging discs provides less knife overlap for greater capacity and higher crop throughput. The Proactive-Lift suspension system allows the cutting head to move up and back simultaneously, providing quick adaptation to changing terrain and protecting the cutter-bar by dissipating shocks when an obstruction is encountered in the field. The Gyrodine ® swivel hitch available in draw-bar or two point attachment allows for superior maneuverability. It eliminates PTO chatter and minimizes U-joint wear and problems. Turns in excess of 90° are possible providing unsurpassed maneuverability.

Product Information:

• Trailed mower reduces tractor size requirements.
• Cutting width from 3.1 to 4.0m
• OPTIDISC® Cutter-bar
• Proactive-Lift suspension
• Cutting disc bearing station individually removed.
• Turns in excess of 90°


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