Kuhn – Triple Gang (GMD Butterfly 8.2 – 8.8m)


For farm and contracting operations looking for larger cutting widths without conditioning, KUHN proposes the **GMD 8870 LIFT CONTROL® with a cutting width of 8.74m (Working width in combination with a front mower 3.10m) The GMD 8870 offers mowing capability that is not easily surpassed. Large farms and contractors currently running multiple disc mowers simultaneously may achieve a significant reduction in operating expenses by replacing three tractors, workers and operators with one tractor and operator running a GMD 8870 The exceptional work rate of the GMD 8870 allows for the following advantages. Significant increases in productivity, reduced operating times and crops harvested at maximum value.

Product Information:

• Minimum PTO requirement 88kW
• Working width 8.8m
• PTO speed 1000 rpm
• LIFT CONTROL® hydro pneumatic suspension
• OPTIDISC® Cutter-bar
• Removable PROTECTADRIVE ® disc bearing station

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