This new generation of Mixer Feeder Wagons with 2 vertical augers has been developped to give breeders with difficult to access buildings, the possibility to work with mixed feed rations.

Capacities of 14 to 20 m3 for herds of 75 to 150 dairy cows and suckling calves requiring a large part of fibres in the ration.

Overall machine height as from 2.47 m for the 14 m3 model (with 295/60 wheels) and with a wheel to wheel outside width of 2.25 m. These dimensions are possible due to the position of the wheels on the body outside. The front mounted cross conveyor enables discharging to the machine’s right or left.

A highly accurate weighing system helps guarantee efficient management of fodder stocks and rational feeding. The electronic weighing system supplied as standard on the KUHN mixer range lets you know exactly how much fodder is loaded into the machine and ingested by your animals.

• Capacity from 8 – 27m³
• Rated for tractors from 44 – 92kw
• Single or bogie axles
• Two speed gearbox
• One or two vertical augers
• Two discharge doors
• Feed between 40 – 215 dairy cattle in one pass

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