Remlinger – Remlinger (4 – 24 row)


Product Information:

The Remlinger Strip-Till implement range consist of PST Row units mounted onto a selection of Toolbars to suit the wants and needs of the small to large discerning farmer / contractor.

The PST Parallel linkage row unitwith its 20” Heavy duty coulter (c/w dual depth band)spring reset tine (130, 165 and 200mm) and numerous closing disc options creates an idealresidue free planting strip. (If requireddry or liquid fertilizer can be incorporated at the same time) As optional equipment either a contoured blade roller (produce a raised strip) or a Straight blade roller (reduce clods and make a firm seedbed) can be fitted. These strips provide better soil aeration and quicker spring warm up.  Quicker spring warm up allows for earlier planting, faster emergence and better stands which ultimately lead to higher yields.

The Toolbarsonto which the PST Row units mount (30 – 36” row spacing) consist of either 3-Point or Trailed models(Rigid or Folding)andis ideally suited for tractors ranging in size from 60 – 180kW

• 3-Point or Trailed models available
• Rated fro tractors from 60 –180kW
• Ranging in size from 4 – 24 row
• Working depth 130, 165 and  200mm
• Spring reset tine
• Range of optional closing disc

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