Rovic – 3-Point S-Tine (1.6 – 4.7m)


Product Information:

The Rovic Shearer 3-Point mounted MKII-Handicult range with a optimum working depth of 100mm has been developed for light cultivation, weed control and seedbed preparation. The proven spring-action of the “S-tine” at 150mm tine spacing affords unique protection against obstructions, while the light, yet sturdy frame ensures easy movement and economic operation. With 3-Point linkage and working widths of 1.6m to 4.7m, the implement is suited to tractors of 30kw to 70kw. Mechanical depth-wheels (optional on the 1.6m and 2.9m models but standard for the 3.5m and 4.7m) assist tractor hydraulics to ensure good depth control. Mechanical “folding wings” on the 4.7m MKII Handicult facilitate transport. A range of optional equipment like finger harrows and seedbed rollers can be fitted to assist with optimum seedbed preparation.

• Developed for light cultivation.
• 3-Point mounted
• Fitted with “S-tines” at 150mm spacing.
• Optimum working depth of 100mm
• Working widths from 1.6m – 4.7m
• Suits tractors from 30kw – 70kw
• Range of optional equipment.

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