Rovic – 3-Pt. Finger Wheel (2.3 – 7.8m)


The comprehensive and versatile range, with strong frame construction and reinforced headstock, range in sizes from 4 to 10 wheels and have been designed to ensure simplicity and ease in operation with minimum maintenance cost. The rakes with their uniqueness in construction allow for proper working in uneven terrain and even ditches. This can be attributed to the 3 basic components that are independent from each other. (1.Two finger wheels assembled to each rake arm –2. Rake frame –3. Rake head) Each finger wheel is made up of 40 special shaped steel tines to give the best flexibility. This design, coupled with the shock absorbing springs on the 3 Point rake head (relieves ground pressure on the finger wheels) allows for gentle contact with the forage avoiding any soil contamination. To add value to the range, the 4, 5 and 6 wheel rakes can be mounted onto a 3 Point mounted toolbar to enable wide working windrowing. (8 and 12 wheel) As optional equipment an additional middle wheel can be fitted to run over the centre swath.

Product Information:

• Sizes ranging from 4 to12 wheels.
• Solid construction
• Both left and right hand rakes available.
• Shock absorbing springs.
• Toolbar for wide working windrowing.

Previously known as the Tonutti Rakes, we have now changed the brand to Rovic.

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