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The versatile range of ‘Rovic’ Trailed broad acre spreader’s have been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of broad acre operation where tough reliable implements, which are easy to use and ensure trouble free service, are at a premium. Both the RF3000 (3000 Litre) and RF4500 (4500 Litre) models with conveyor belt widths of 50 and 80cm respectively, will successfully spread a range of materials, including lime, granular fertilizers and certain organic substances. (RF3000 6-16m & RF4500 8-18m) On both models the double-disc spinner boxes fitted with two Ø600mm spinner-disc’s is driven off the tractor’s PTO. A land wheel however drives the conveyor belt carrying the material from the hopper to the spinner disc. This guarantees an even application rate regardless of the tractors speed across the ground. On the RF3000 model an additional “wheat bin” can be fitted into the existing hopper to allow it to successfully “sow” (broadcast) wheat and fertilizer at the same time. On both models, the conveyor belt drive can be engaged or disengaged by means of a clutch operated from the tractor’s hydraulics, and by mechanically raising or lowering the rear calibration gate; one can easily adjust the spreading rates. This allows the spreader to handle rates from as little as 25kg/ha of granulated fertilizer and up to 14000kg/ha of Lime and Gypsum and if required, both model’s can easily converted to GPS compatibility.

The Rovic range of lime/ dry manure spreaders use a chain discharge system onto double discs and comprises of 4500l and 10 000l models. See brochure for more information

Features :
• Versatile, tough, easy to use.
• Spreads a wide range of materials.
• Wheat and fertilizer can be sown together.
• Conveyor belt land-wheel-driven.
• Two belt widths, 50 and 80cm
• Optional equipment available.
• GPS compatible

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