Product Information:

The ROVIC Range of finger harrows and rollers are designed to complement our range of Trash Handicults and Fieldspans to prepare a fine seedbed, as well as our SUPER and DLB range of Chisel Ploughs, Rippers and Deep rippers to break down clods formed by breaking soil vertically.

Trash Handicults and Trash Fielspans van either be equipped with Finger Harrows in a low clay soil to assist in final seedbed preparation, or with seedbed rollers when preparing seedbeds in medium to high clay soils. In conditions where a very smooth seedbed is required, the combination of seedbed rollers and finger harrows on the Trash Fieldspans are available for certain models.

In certain soil conditions it might even be ample to mount finger harrows or seedbed rollers to the DLB 12 Chisel Plough or SUPER / DLB 19 Ripper.

The Medium Duty rollers are designed with secondary break up of clods after a Chisel Plough operation with the DLB 12 or Ripper work with the SUPER / DLB 19, especially aimed at the mounted models. It might even be considered for use behind the deep ripper range of SUPER 25 and SUPER 32’s. It can naturally also be mounted to the trailed versions of above.

The Heavy Duty rollers are designed for the Trailed range of DLB12 Chisel Ploughs, SUPER / DLB 19 Rippers and SUPER 25 / 32 Deep Rippers. These Heavy rollers should break up clods under most conditions of working.



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