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(1) Air-seeder System
The range of Rovic Air-seeder systems consist of three models. These would include two Drawbar mounted models (3600L & 5300L) and Trailed Quad models ranging in size from 3600L up to 17000L. The Air-seeder systems have been designed to work successfully in combination with any seeding implement (Modular) whether big or small. To date the Rovic Air-seeder systems, have earned the reputation of being the workhorse of the air seeder industry, where its reliability and strength are sought after features. The 1, 2 or 3 main hopper configuration plus the ‘small seeds bin’ (185L) option allows the air seeders to handle seed ranging from large legumes to canola, where seeding rates are as low as 1kg/ha, or the option to distribute large and small seed, as well as trace elements through different air streams. In broad-acre operation, the air seeder can be set up to sow up to 500kg/ha. With the standard fitted oil cooler that cools the hydraulic oil and in turn has the advantage of drying the air providing more efficient product distribution. (Prevents clogging of the hoses)

(2) Modular integrated Seeding tine
The Rovic Modular integrated seeding tine (consisting of; (1) Hydraulic seeding tine, (2) Seeding unit and (3) Press wheel) has specifically been designed to plant wheat in the diversity of soil conditions found in South Africa whilst achieving excellent trash flow. The modular seeding unit can be fitted to a range of frames, and with the proper ‘Air-seeder’ combination, will meet the stringent requirements of the professional contractor and farmer.

(1) The Hydraulic seeding tine has purposely been designed for primary soil preparation in tough stony conditions (Moisture seeking) and has an optimum working depth of between 50 and 200mm with a theoretical power requirement of 5 – 8kw per tine. The break out force on the hydraulic tine is variable and can be set between 400 to 700kg and is regulated by means of a liquid nitrogen accumulator set by the tractors hydraulics. The maximum tine jump height of the tine is 365mm. The 20mm shank with a slim replaceable point (16mm wide) ensures minimal soil disturbance and trash blocking and in extreme trash conditions, an 18” or 20” coulter wheel can be fitted to facilitate trash flow. The ground engaging part of the point is fitted with tungsten tiles to ensure a long working life. Fertilizer placement is done via a fertilizer tube fitted to the rear of the shank, the tubes allows the fertilizer to be placed throughout the furrow opened by the point.

(2) The Seeding unit with its parallel linkage mount, bolts onto the rear of the hydraulic seeding tine and its patented (SA Patent 07/08240) double seed chute guarantees better seed distribution and spacing in the row. The double seed chute also allows one to plant one or two different types of seed at the same time.

(3) Press wheels A range of press wheels can be fitted (Please enquire)

• Frame sizes 15 – 49 tine
• Frame configuration 2 or 3 rank
• Tine spacing, 285 and 300mm

• Hopper capacity from 3600 to 17000 Litre.
• Hopper configurations, 1, 2 & 3 bin.
• Seeding rates from 1 – 500 kg/ha.

Seeding tine
• Modular integrated
• Working depth 50 – 200mm
• Hydraulic breakout  400 – 700kg

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