Rovic – Rovic (400 – 800l)


Product Information:

The versatile range with its ISO 9002 specification and excellent value is represented in the economical mounted boom sprayer category and is ideally suited for the emerging to medium size growers. To ensure ease of operation and long field service, the tanks ranging in size from 400 -1500L is manufactured from polyethylene to give high impact and UV resistance and the mounting frames epoxy coated to resist the rigors of corrosion and chemical aggression.

The smaller models (400 -800L) are fitted with RPN manual pressure controls and manual folding booms 7 – 15m in size. The booms are galvanized and fitted with single body anti-drip nozzles. The pump fitted on the smaller models is an Imovilli D82 piston diaphragm.

• 400, to 1500 Litre Polyethylene tanks.
• D82 and D123 Imovilli pump.
• RPN and RPV controls
• Nylon in-line filters.
• Manual booms from 7 to 15m
• Hydraulic booms 12 – 18m

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