Rovic – Trailed Axial (1500 – 2000l)


Product Information:

The Ø940mm INDEPENDENT fan also has twin ports and is also equipped with a stator for improved efficiency, adjustable fan pitch and overrun clutch. This is identical to the Ø840mm model with the exception that up to 65 000 m³/h can be produced drawing only 35kw on the PTO at maximum setting. (Low kw required for excellent airflow) An added advantage is that it can provide a very high air delivery for the spraying of large trees effectively.

Common features on all the models would be the easy reachable suction filter that has a reflux valve to enable full tank filter rinses. Two brass pressure filters with quick cleaning system to minimize the risk of nozzle blockages and all the models also equipped with roll over anti drip nozzle holders with ALBUZ ATR.  The flow and pressure control regulator is tractor mounted.

• Range of models, 1500, 2000 Litre.
• Fan size, diameter 940mm
• Two speed fan gearbox with neutral.
• Imovilli M155 pump
• Full flotation implement tyres.
• High capacity double venturi agitation.
• Clean water tank.

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