Trailed Spring Reset or HD S-tine (8.6 -12.2m) – Rovic – Trash Handicult


Product Information:

The NEW Rovic range of Trash Handicult ‘Flat-on’ cultivators has specifically been designed as a secondary cultivation implement for the small and large growers. The 3-Point mounted models come in 3 sizes (2.9, 5.2 and 7.0m) and are ideally suited for tractors rated from 40 – 130kW

The frames have specially been designed as flat-on (80 x 80 Square tubing sits flat on and not the traditional “Diamond”) so that one can either mount the new “590 Edge-on spring reset tine or the H.D. S-Tine. Both of these tines have an optimal working depth of 175mm and spaced at 225mm across 3 or 4 ranks. The arrowhead configuration of the tines ensures excellent trash flow and all 3 models are fitted with mechanical depth-control wheels to ensure accurate depth control. The 7.0m model is fitted with hydraulic folding-wings for easy transport. On all the models a range of optional equipment like finger harrows and seedbed rollers can be fitted to assist with optimum seedbed preparation.

• Designed for secondary cultivation.
• 3-Point mounted
• 590 Edge-on or H.D. S-Tine fitted as standard
• Optimum working depth 175mm
• Working widths 2.9m – 7.0m
• Rated for tractors from 40kw – 130kw
• A range of optional equipment.

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