New McCormick X7.6TIER4 INTERIM superior design for maximum comfort and productivity

Sporting a modern hood and cab design with a stylish and aggressive look, a new “PRO DRIVE” transmission and proven “BETAPOWER” engines, the new McCORMICK X7.6 is ready to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly competitive agricultural economy. The range comprises three models – the X7.660, the X7.670 and the X7.680 – powered by the new 6.7-litre ‘Betapower Fuel Efficiency’ 24-valve, six-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection system.  The X7.6 inherits from its predecessors the rugged cast iron chassis which supports the engine, helping to effectively reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The “PRO DRIVE” transmission with 24 speeds in six ranges offers a four-speed on-the-go powershift and incorporates a robotised range shifting and a steering-column mounted hydraulic power shuttle. The gearbox is controlled electronically via pushbuttons located on the multifunction armrest of the air suspension seat. A creep speed unit is available as an option to achieve 40 forward and 40 reverse speeds. The electrohydraulically-engaged rear PTO features a reversible shaft with either 6 or 21 splines that provides four speeds 540/540E/1000/1000E rpm. The electronic control of the PTO always ensures smooth and modulated implement start-up. The closed-centre hydraulic system is a new design and incorporates advanced features to deliver high efficiency and maximum reliability. The system is equipped with a variabledisplacement pump that provides a flow rate of 123 l/min to operate all hydraulic functions and up to six electrohydraulic remote valves. The electronically-controlled rear hitch with draft sensing on the lower links provides a maximum lift capacity of 9300 Kg and allows a precise control of the implement. Optionally, the tractor can be equipped with a front hitch capable of lifting up to 3500 Kg for extra versatility. The front axle, either rigid-mounted or with electronically-controlled independent suspensions, offers a 55° steering angle, providing excellent manoeuvrability. The “PREMIERE CAB” is a sort of ‘hi-tech lounge’ designed to offer the operator a functional and ergonomic environment with logically-arranged controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The interior features a high-quality, automotive-grade fit and finish that further enhances the operator comfort.


The three models of the McCormick X7.6 series are powered by the new 6.7-liter “Betapower” 24-valve, 6-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection system which provide power ratings from 165 to 212 Hp. The new “Betapower” engines also feature the “Power Plus” system which automatically delivers extra power and torque to cope with demanding PTO and transport work. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance. In addition, a special cooling package design allows each of the engine coolers to be separated for easy cleaning.

X7.650 T3 X7.660 T3 X7.670 T3 X7.680 T3
MAX. ENGINE POWER (ISO RATING) hp /kW 160/118 165 / 121 175 / 129 188 / 138
MAX. ENGINE POWER WITH POWER  PLUS (ISO RATING)  HP/KW  175 / 129 188 / 138 212 / 156
MAX. TORQUE (WITH POWER PLUS)   MM 676 (-) 632 (726) 726 ( 810) 810 (867)
DISPLACEMENT (CM3) / NO. OF CYLINDERS/ NO. OF VALVES 6728 / 6 / 24 6728 / 6 / 24 6728 / 6 / 24 6728 / 6 / 24
FUEL TANK CAPACITY litres 320 320 320 320


New “Pro Drive” transmission with Autoshift

The “PRO DRIVE” transmission with 24 speeds in six ranges offers four shift-on-the-go powershift steps and incorporates a robotised range shifting and a steering-column mounted hydraulic power shuttle which provides 24FWD+24REV speeds. The X7.6 can be optionally equipped with creeper to achieve 40FWD+ 40REV speeds. The gearbox is controlled electronically via some pushbuttons located on the multi-function armrest of the air suspension seat and features the “Autoshift” facility which automatically selects the right gear to suit load conditions, engine revs and ground speed, thereby allowing safe and smooth driving for maximum comfort and productivity.


“Premiere Cab”, a true high-tech control centre

The “PREMIERE CAB” is a true technology lounge that allows the operator to control the tractor with maximum ease and comfort. Designed to offer the operator a safe, quiet and comfortable environment for long hours in the field, this f our-post cab with flat-deck platform is packed with a host of features including an air suspension seat with multi-function armrest, a telescopic tilt-adjustable steering wheel, a highly-efficient automatic climate control, a clear sunroof and LED lights. In addition, an electronically-controlled hydraulic suspension is available as an option. The driving position is ergonomically designed and equipped with easy-to-use, logically-arranged controls. The interior with automotive-style fit and finish is equipped as s tandard with USB port, bluetooth and four loudspeakers for the maximum comfort of operation.


A unique mix of hydraulics and electronics

The X7 series tractors feature a closed-centre hydraulic system with variable-displacement pump. This means that the pump always delivers exactly the quantity of oil that the system requires, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system has a total flow of 167 l/min and supplies up to 123 l/min to the hitch and remote valves, allowing for simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions.
With the raise/lower control  conveniently located on the multi-function controller and the main settings integrated into the right-hand console, the rear hitch guarantees precise implement operation. Offering a maximum lift capacity of 9300 kg, the three-point hitch is Category III and is equipped with lower link draft sensing for accurate implement control.
The X7 tractors can be fitted with up to six electro hydraulically-controlled double-acting remote valves. One valve is controlled by the multi-function controller and three are operated via fingertip controls integrated into the armrest which also includes a mini-joystick that operates the remaining two valves to control either a front hitch or a front loader. All valves can be set to operate for specific times or drive hydraulic motors, hydraulic power beyond is also built into for those machines requiring a dedicated oil supply.

Dimensions and Weights

X7.650 T3 X7.660 T3 X7.670 T3 X7.680 T3
FRONT TYRES 540/65R28 540/65R28 540/65R28 540/65R30
REAR TYRES 650/65R38 650/65R38 650/65R42 650/65R42
D- HEIGHT OVER CAB MM 2920 2920 3055 3055
C- WHEELBASE MM 2750 2750 2820 2820
A- MAX. LENGTH (WITH BALLAST WEIGHTS)    MM 5260 5260 5360 5360
E- GROUND CLEARANCE 4WD MM 550 550 550 550
B- MIN. WIDTH  MM 2430 2430 2430 2430



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