Rovic – 3-Point & Trailed (1.5 – 8.1m)

  • July 19, 2016
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Product Information:

The Rovic-Shearer range of Chisel plough implements, with the tried and proven “DLB 12” tine, is ideally suited for the tough adverse conditions found on the African continent. The advanced steel curing process, coupled with a sophisticated tine production method, ensures optimal strength under the most adverse conditions, right up to the maximum working depth of 300mm. The unique leaf-spring trip-mechanism on the tine (no shear-bolt), with its minimum breakout force of 630kg, ensures optimum working in tough conditions.  When the tine hits a rigid object, the leaf spring “arches” and thus trips the tine over the obstruction, while the rest of the tines remain at working depth in the ground. This simple yet effective trip-mechanism permits trouble-free working with little or no downtime (only two wearing parts).

To match the unrivalled strength of the DLB 12 tine, the implement frames are manufactured from top quality, imported high-tensile steel. The models available range [...]

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