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Product Information:

The DOMINATOR Primary Tillage System is changing fall tillage. This exciting new concept eliminates stalk shredding and extra seedbed preparation trips. By managing residue in the fall and leaving a more level fall seed bed condition, the DOMINATOR sets the stage for fast efficient spring seedbed trips and maximum yields.


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Product Information:

The Excelerator® vertical tillage system from Kuhn Krause provides exceptional residue cutting, soil and residue mixing and seed bed preparation in one pass, utilizing an exclusive 4-step process. True vertical tillage delivers residue cutting and soil mixing without soil shearing or smearing in the critical zone for seed placement and young seedling root development. With its unique Excalibur® blades designed to meet the challenges of cutting tough GMO residue, you can be confident that the residue management achieved during fall operation will allow maximum residue decomposition over winter. In addition, spring operation will accomplish your goals of superior seedbed preparation in high residue situations.

This exclusive 4-step process makes the Excelerator one of the only vertical tillage systems to provide operators a choice. …move soil laterally to meet the needs of filling ruts and smoothing fields following less than ideal harvest conditions. …leave more residue to meet requirements for highly erodible land (HEL) [...]

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