Rovic – Super 25 / 32 (650 & 800mm w / depth)

  • July 19, 2016
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Product Information:

Tine  SUPER 25 / 32
Following the success of the tried and tested SUPER/DLB-19 tines and the persistent dealer/customer demand, the new Super-25 and Super-32 Deep Ripper tine with an optimum working depth of 650mm and 800mm respectively has been launched. (Like its predecessor it has also set a president in the S.A. soil ripping industry) The tine with its advanced steel curing process, coupled with a sophisticated tine production method, ensures optimal strength under the most adverse conditions.

Its success can be attributed to the fact that in more than one way it is a replica of the SUPER 19 tine with the exception that it is bigger and has two leaf packs stacked one above each other. The leaf pack’s offer the same unique leaf-spring trip-mechanism on the tine (no shear-bolt) with a maximum breakout force of 1500kg The SUPER 25 and 32 tine has specially been designed to work [...]

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