X7.6 TIER 3

New McCormick X7.6TIER4 INTERIM superior design for maximum comfort and productivity

Sporting a modern hood and cab design with a stylish and aggressive look, a new “PRO DRIVE” transmission and proven “BETAPOWER” engines, the new McCORMICK X7.6 is ready to meet the challenges of today’s increasingly competitive agricultural economy. The range comprises three models – the X7.660, the X7.670 and the X7.680 – powered by the new 6.7-litre ‘Betapower Fuel Efficiency’ 24-valve, six-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection system.  The X7.6 inherits from its predecessors the rugged cast iron chassis which supports the engine, helping to effectively reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The “PRO DRIVE” transmission with 24 speeds in six ranges offers a four-speed on-the-go powershift and incorporates a robotised range shifting and a steering-column mounted hydraulic power shuttle. The gearbox is controlled electronically via pushbuttons located on the multifunction armrest of the air suspension seat. A creep [...]

The T-MAX series

The T-MAX series is midway between the C-MAX range, of which it inherits the cab and the wheel base. The front and rear field lights as well as the front grille have been newly conceived and feature a superb new look. The modular and versatile transmission is available with four synchronized gears and three mechanical speed ranges (SPEED FOUR) with hydraulically controlled oilbath multi-plate PTO as a basic version. The entry level 12+12 is available on both 30 km/h and 40 km/h versions and is combined with an intermediate 24 +12 version equipped with mechanical reverse shuttle and overdrive Synchro Shuttle versions. A substantial novelty is represented by the combination of the hydraulic reverse shuttle with the Powershift three-shift option ( H-M-L high-medium-low) which triples the gears of the basic transmission to achieve 36 forward + 12 reverse speeds. Power Shuttle versions. A creep transmission is available as an option on [...]

McCormick MB75 and 85 models

Thanks to their outstanding features McCormick MB75 and 85 models, in both 2 and 4WD version, can be considered ideal for a global utilization. Their essential and rugged construction provides first class operation and the highest levels of performance for utmost reliability and long life. All models are powered by the quiet, fuel efficient and environment-friendly “TIER 2” 4-cylinder Turbo 1100C-44 Perkins engines providing an exceptional torque back-up. The modular transmission is available in three versions: an entry level featuring a 12 forward + 4 reverse speeds, a second option providing 12FWD+12REV speeds with mechanical reverse shuttle and in addition to this latter a creep speed option (available on request) to achieve 24FWD+12REV speeds . A generously sized platform, an adjustable sprung seat and ergonomically arranged controls provide utmost driving comfort. The full tilting bonnet provides an easy access to the engine compartment for maintenance and routine service. [...]


The new G-MAX tractor range comes to the market after extensive restyling. Updates include a new “DELUXE” four-post cab with large glazed areas and ergonomicallyarranged controls for the cab version and a revamped platform with newly designed dashboard and controls for the platform version. The sloping line of the hood reflecting the McCORMICK family style, along with the new cab and platform design, provides unobstructed view in all directions, thereby improving manoeuvrability and driving comfort. The new G-MAX offers a choice of two transmissions: a Speed Six mechanical transmission (18FWD+18REV) for the (STD version) and a T-Tronic electronic transmission (54FWD+18REV) with Declutch control and Reverse Power Shuttle for the (E version). Both transmissions can be optionally equipped with a creeper, making this tractor equally suited for both field work and road transport operations. The PTO with wet multi-disc clutch is electrohydraulically operated via a push-button. The hydraulic system delivers a maximum flow [...]

D-MAX TIER 3A Specially developed for non-European markets, the new D-Max series is offered in cab and platform versions. Featuring a simple and rugged design, this tractor is extremely user-friendly and easy to service and can work many hours without stopping to refuel, making it ideal to tackle virtually any tasks in the field and around the farm. The D-Max 115 and 125 models are powered by FPT NEF4-2V 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder turbo engines that meet the Tier 3 emissions regulations and deliver 112 and 120 hp, respectively. Both models feature a Speed Four modular transmission with four synchronized gears in three ranges and a left hand steering-column power shuttle. Optionally, the tractor can be equipped with an electrohydraulic T-Tronic transmission that features a 3-speed powershift (H-M-L) and an electrohydraulic power shuttle. A creep speed transmission is available as an option for both versions. Offered as standard is a two-speed PTO with electrohydraulic control and multi-disc [...]

The McCormick C-Max (T3), equipped with either cab or platform, adds a new level of economic functionality to the McCormick line. With power ranging between 74 and 102 hp, these new four models place themselves just one step below the “CX” series, offering all the features required for this kind of tractors, but with a simpler, economy-driven design in comparison to the McCormick “CX” Series. Powered by the new, reliable 1104D Series Perkins Tier 3 engines – including two turbo aftercooled models – to match the rugged tractor design, the McCormick “C-Max” range combines excellent performance with maximum reliability. The key features of the range include a mechanical-controlled transmission with reverse power shuttle, powerful hydraulics for operating a mechanical hitch with a high lift capacity and 100% differential locks. With either a platform or high-visibility cab, a fully adjustable sprung seat, ergonomically arranged controls and easy-to-read analog instruments, the [...]

The B-MAX Series (90, 100 and 105)

The B-MAX Series (90, 100 and 105), available in 2 and 4WD version, was conceived as a restyling of the McCormick MB Series. Thanks to its essential and rugged construction it is ideal for a global utilization thus providing first class operation and the highest levels of performance for utmost reliability and long life. All models are powered by the quit, fuel efficient and environment-friendly 4-cylinder Turbo 1104D-44 (TIER 3) Perkins engines. Besides meeting the Tier 3 emission regulations these engines deliver up to 83, 92,5 and 98,6 HP/ISO, providing exceptional torque back-up and power levels. The modular transmission provides, as standard, 3 ranges and 4 speeds in each range, resulting in a total 12 forward and 4 reverse speeds and comes in three versions for a maximum speed of 30 km per hour. The second option provides 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds with mechanical [...]

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