Kuhn – Triple Gang (Butterfly 8.2 – 8.8m)

Product Information:

The FC 813/R & **FC 883 LIFT CONTROL® mower conditioners with cutting widths of 8.10m and 8.80m have an exceptional work rate that allows large areas to be harvested when the crop has the highest feed potential value. Furthermore the range offers a choice of conditioning methods to match the local conditions and needs. (The FC813/883 LIFT CONTROL® machines are always combined with a FC 313 F/RF front mounted mower conditioner)

The **FC 883RA and **FC 703 are designed to group the cut crop into one single swath. (Uses a conveyor belt system to ferry the cut crop to the centre of the tractor)

**Available as special import to South Africa, please enquire.

• Minimum PTO requirement 103 to 140kW
• Working width 8.1 to 8.8m
• PTO speed 1000 rpm
• LIFT CONTROL® non stop breakaway
• LIFT CONTROL® suspension
• Removable disc bearing station
• Hydraulic side shift of 270cm

Product Information:

KUHN uses its technological innovations to help you harvest the fruits of your investment as quickly as possible. KUHN’s FC 280 / 313 range of mower-conditioners helps to reduce drying time by incorporating flexible flail fingers and rollers. The KUHN range of mower-conditioners also incorporates the LIFT-CONTROL® suspension system which allows the mowing unit to adapt perfectly to different types of terrain – this in turn helps to preserve the crop’s nutritional quality.

• Mounts onto the front of the tractor.
• Working widths of 2.8 and 3.11m
• Transport width 2.96 and 2.99m
• Suited for tractors from 59 to 75kW
• LIFT-CONTROL® suspension
• Sophisticated oval cutting disc.
• Cutting disc bearing station individually removed.

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Product Information:

Models available:
Roller Models : FC 3560, FC 4060 & FC 4460 TCR
Finger Models: FC 3560 TCD

New generation trailed mower conditioner that perfectly combines high work output, flexibility and operating comfort. A combination of clean cut mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops, with effective conditioning for quick dry-down.

Improve your productivity with confidence thanks to the reliable OPTIDISC cutter bar and the PROTECTADRIVE safety system.

There is a wide choice of conditioners for optimal adaptation to forage type:
– DIGIDRY pivoting fingers in steel for grasses and natural meadows.
– SQUAREFLEX large diameter, exclusive profile rollers for efficient stem conditioning and careful treatment of leaves and other thick-stemmed forage crops
– Steel rollers, ideal for intensive operations.
Conditioner drive protected by an anti-lock safety system.

Wide delivery, one swath delivery or two swath grouping. With or without swath boards; it’s your [...]

The comprehensive range of Kuhn FC 302/352 trailed side pull mower conditioners with working widths ranging from 3.0 to 3.5m is suited for tractors from 55 to 75kW has specifically been designed to cater for the requirement of the larger farmers who demand a combination of features, operating ease and productivity. The excellent adaptability and mobility of the machine is attributed to the cutting/conditioning unit being suspended by strong coil springs in a rigid frame. At work it operates independently, moving freely in all directions within the frame, thus ensuring excellent ground following capability of the cutter-bar. This provides a high quality cut, reduces dirt in the windrow, and minimizes scalping and damage to the stubble. Cutter-bar downward pressure is regulated by adjustable flotation springs. Common features on all the models would be the high rate of working speed, a non-clogging cutter-bar and no blades to sharpen. This can be attributed to the sophisticated oval cutting [...]

The comprehensive range of Kuhn FC 243 mounted mower conditioners with a working width and available in Roller, Nylon V-shaped fingers or steel finger rotor. Ground adaptation on the smaller models is by means of adjustable suspension springs to enable the perfectly balanced head to skim flat or hilly ground and that on the larger models, by means of the patented hydro-pneumatic suspension system called ‘LIFT CONTROL’ (The mower-conditioning unit ground.Two types of conditioning systems are used. The finger and reversible comb type is best suited for grass and other heavy stem varieties while the roller type is used for crops sensitive to the loss of leaves like Lucerne. Common features on all the models would be the high rate of working speed, a non-clogging cutter-bar and no blades to sharpen. This can be attributed to the sophisticated oval cutting disc profile that allows for positive ejection of cut material and increased knife overlap for a [...]

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