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The Kuhn Krause 4830 In Line Ripper is the ideal tool to fight soil compaction, one of the leading causes of yield reduction. Designed to provide maximum soil fracturing, while leaving most surface residue intact, the 4830 effectively reduces runoff and soil erosion.

The positive effects of ripping with a 4830 also include these important agronomic factors: better soil tilth, enhanced root penetration and increased utilization of nutrients.

4830 In Line Rippers are available in 4 shank to 7 shank rigid models and 6 shank to 9 shank flat folding models, with shank spacing choices of 30″, 36″, 38″ or 40″. The unique, 180 degree, flat-fold configuration makes transport and storage more convenient. The 4830 can be equipped with spring reset shanks or rigid, shear-bolt protected shanks for soils where rock is not a concern.


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  • July 19, 2016
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Product Information:

For more than 17 years Rovic Leers have been the distributor in Southern Africa for the tough range of ‘Yeomens’ pasture renovator ploughs from Australia. This robust, versatile plough, with its ease and simplicity in operation has made a positive mark in the rehabilitation of pastures in South Africa. The two models imported to S.A. (5 & 7 tine) are ideally suited for tractors from 75 to 120kw. The Yeomens 22” tine fitted to the frame has a Ø12.7mm shear pin fitted to ensure a tip break force between 3 and 3.5 tons. This, coupled with a strong 16” coulter fitted in front of each tine, will enable the tine to rip through the toughest of soils at a maximum working depth of 300mm. The unique design of the frame also allows for a variable spacing ranging from 300 to 500mm. The primary function of the plough is to increase fertility and productivity [...]

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