Rovic – DLB / Super 19 “Rip-on-the-row” (450mm)

  • July 19, 2016
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Product Information:

Tine DLB / Super 19
The Rovic Shearer range of Rip-on-the-row Implements, with their new and improved Super & DLB 19 tines (Formally known as the Super & DLB18 tines) have once again set a president in the SA soil ripping industry. On both tines, the advanced steel curing process, coupled with a sophisticated tine production method, ensures optimal strength under the most adverse conditions, right up to the maximum working depth of 475mm. The unique leaf-spring trip-mechanism on the tines (no shear-bolt), with its minimum breakout force of 800kg, is ideally suited to handle any tough stony working conditions. (By including another leaf spring, breakout can be increased to 1 060kg.)

The DLB 19 tines have specifically been designed to work in stony soils with high clay content and a medium depth plough bank. The unique design of the shank minimizes the breaking of clods and in doing so facilitates seedbed [...]

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