Rovic – Sleeve Boom Sprayers

  • July 19, 2016
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Product Information:

The 2000 Litre Trailed Rovic sleeve boom sprayer boast the same basic characteristics and extreme efficiency as the 800 Litre mounted model. Fan and nozzle configurations are identical, and the same full hydraulic boom functions are present. It is a must for the commercial broad acre, vegetable, tobacco and cotton growers as the advantage of using the Rovic Sleeve Boom as a primary defense weapon against crop damage resulting from poor chemical application, will promote increased productivity and yield. Like the 800 litre mounted model the powerful Ø810mm mechanically driven fan produces 40 000 m³/h of air which is enough to generate air speeds in excess of 20 m/s at the outlets of the sleeves to penetrates any crop, whether vegetable, maize cotton or wheat right down to the bottom of the plant. The obvious result using agro chemicals would be optimum coverage giving maximum control. Two wheel options are available. The 11.2×28 [...]

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