The McCormick C-Max (T3), equipped with either cab or platform, adds a new level of economic functionality to the McCormick line. With power ranging between 74 and 102 hp, these new four models place themselves just one step below the “CX” series, offering all the features required for this kind of tractors, but with a simpler, economy-driven design in comparison to the McCormick “CX” Series. Powered by the new, reliable 1104D Series Perkins Tier 3 engines – including two turbo aftercooled models – to match the rugged tractor design, the McCormick “C-Max” range combines excellent performance with maximum reliability. The key features of the range include a mechanical-controlled transmission with reverse power shuttle, powerful hydraulics for operating a mechanical hitch with a high lift capacity and 100% differential locks. With either a platform or high-visibility cab, a fully adjustable sprung seat, ergonomically arranged controls and easy-to-read analog instruments, the “C-Max” range allows the operator to work with maximum comfort.


The C-MAX tractors are powered by a new range of advanced, environment-friendly engines that provide low emission levels in accordance with the Tier 3 standards. Specially designed for farming applications, the new Perkins 1104D are modern engines that provide state-of-the-art technology and solutions. The range comprises four models delivering the following power ratings: 74 hp (naturally aspirated), 83 hp (turbo), 92.5 and 102 hp (turbo aftercooled). These engines feature an advanced fuel injection system that optimises air-fuel mixture, thereby improving combustion and engine efficiency. Higher horsepower and torque with lower operating costs are thus achieved. The forward tilting hood provides easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.

C80 MAX (T3) C90 MAX (T3) C100 MAX (T3) C110 MAX (T3)
MAX. POWER ISO HP/KW 74 / 54,5 83 / 61 92,5 / 68 102 / 75
NET PTO POWER (ISO) HP/KW 63 / 46,5* 70,5 / 52* 79 / 58* 86,5 / 63,5*
MAX. TORQUE NM 261 352 393 416
FUEL TANK CAPACITY LTR 102 102 102 102



Speed four

The modular standard transmission (Speed Four) provides 3 ranges and 4 speeds in each range, resulting in a total of 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds with mechanical synchro shuttle. The standard gearbox can be combined with either an underdrive (only for 2WD versions) or a creep option to provide 24 forward and 12 reverse gears with a maximum speed of 30 km/h. An overdrive option is also available for 4WD models to provide 24+12 gears with 40 km/h maximum speed. The synchro shuttle lever is conveniently located to the driver’s left to enable easy direction changes. The same lever can be used to alternately engage the underdrive, creep or overdrive option.


Cab “Deluxe”

The first thing you appreciate when you step into the “Deluxe” cab of the C-MAX is the superb all-round visibility offered by the fully-glazed rear-hinged side doors. The cab interior is finished with modern composite materials from the automotive industry. All controls are logically-arranged and conveniently located in ergonomic position, according to current standards. The heating, ventilation and airconditioning system, integrated into the cab roof, offers the driver significant benefits in terms of comfort, safety and health. The ventilation system is integrated by two filters designed to purify the air inside the cab. Optionally, the cab can be provided with activated-carbon filters, to protect the operator during pesticide spraying. The roof features a fixed clear sunroof for working with front loaders, and four lights for night work. Natural ventilation is ensured by the opening front and rear windscreens. Also the iso-mounted platform offers an ergonomic driving position with adjustable sprung seat and steering wheel to maximise the driver’s comfort. The two-post ROPS can be equipped with a sun canopy as an option.


The hydraulic system

The mechanical power lift provides a maximum total fl ow rate of 82 litres/min. The mechanical power lift, equipped with a cat. 2 three-point linkage provides position, draft, intermix and fl oating control functions while ensuring a maximum lifting capacity of 4350 kg. The tractor can be optionally equipped with a rear lever allowing the operator to control raising and lowering of the lift from the ground. The system features up to 4 auxiliary valves, two controlled by a joystick for front loader use and two operated by a lever located beside the driver’s seat.


C80 MAX (T3) C90 MAX (T3) C100 MAX (T3) C110 MAX (T3)
FRONT TYRES 4WD 12.4-24 12.4-24 13.6-24 380/70 R24
REAR TYRES 16.9-30 16.9-30 16.9-34 480/70 R34
A – LENGTH (WITH BALLAST WEIGHT) MM 4136 4136 4136 4160
B – MIN. WIDTH MM 1945 1945 2034 2110
C – FRONT TRACK ADJUSTMENT 4WD MM 1553-1954 1608-1954 1540-1967 1740-2167
C – REAR TRACK ADJUSTMENT MM 1508-1908 1515-2008 1612-2012 1612-2012
D – WHEELBASE 2WD/4WD MM 2341-2316 2341-2316 2341-2316 2365-2340
E – HEIGHT OVER CAB MM 2518 2518 2558 2563
F – GROUND CLEARANCE 4WD MM 425 425 475 475
WEIGHT (WITHOUT BALLAST WEIGHTS) 4WD + (150KG CAB) KG 3330 3330 3330 3450



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