Seko SAMUARAI 5 – 450 & 500 series.

  • July 6, 2016
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Seko SAMUARAI 5 – 450 & 500 series.

This comprehensive range caters for both the small and large operators and its success in South Africa can be attributed to its reliability and all round capacity to work any product or by-product found on farms economically and efficiently. In any of the models the mix will be ready to be fed within 20-40 minutes (depending on the length of material required) from loading of the first bale, regardless of the material used. It can also be used in other applications like preparing feed mixes for sheep and ostriches (The longer the chopping cycle, the shorter the material of mix) and in doing so does away with costly hammer mill operation for primary break up of material. It has been stated that the Seko mixer has the lowest energy requirement to prepare a feed mix from bales compared to that of similar machines. This can [...]

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