Rovic – Vineyard sprayer (1000L)


Product Information:


  • High quality Poly-ethylene Tank, smoothness better than 100 micron for easy tank cleaning
  • Clean water tank for spray lines and filters rising. Hand wash tank for safety hygiene.
  • Comet APS121 pump, 120 l/min , 50 Bar maximum.
  • BIMA 2-speed gearbox with neutral position for air assisted or handgun applications.
  • La Magdalena Class 6 PTO with CV head for better turning radius.
  • Comet Alfa 2 control unit with full bypass function for maximum agitation during filling.
  • TRELLIRBORG ALTIPLUS high pressure hoses, chemically resistant plumbing with full bore couplers for minimal pressure losses through the system and optimal energy use.
  • Drawbar has two height positions and multiple length positions for optimal st up op tractor and sprayer combination.
  • Multi-Wing Fan with adjustable blade angles for varying air capacity requirements.
  • Adjustable track width through split axle and clamp arrangement (1.2 to 1.5m) to set up perfectly behind tractor.
  • Control unit brackets supplied for both working (tractor mount) and storage (located on unit) to prevent damage during storage to Control unit.

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