Kuhn – Double Disc Axis HEM C (12m – 42m)

Product Information:

Even more precision with the AXIS 50.1 H EMC – The hydraulic disc drive is independent of the engine speed: fertilizer distribution respected, lower engine speed for fuel saving, border on the left or the right, adjustable working width. The EMC system (Electronic Mass Control) controls the fertilizer flow – A weighing frame constantly indicates the amount of fertilizer in the hopper – ISOBUS technology with integrated GPS Control and Task Controller – CDA System, the revolutionary spreading system common to all AXIS- 100% adjustable from the tractor cab.

Working width (m)    between 18 and 50
Capacity (min.) (l)    4000
Capacity (max.) (l)   4000
Hopper width depending on extension (cm)    290
Width of opening for filling (cm)    280
Weight approx. (kg)    830
Drive    Hydraulic
Outlet shutter control    Electric cylinders
Application rate control    Electronic Mass Control
Application (kg/ha)    Up to 500 kg/min. or 500 kg/ha in [...]

Product Information:

The new versatile GPS compatible AXIS 20.1, *30.1, *40.1 and *50.1 range of 3-Point mounted spreaders with either manual adjustment rates, electronic application rate or with built in weighing system have been designed to satisfy the most demanding user requirements, in terms of regular and even spread (12-50m), ease of operation, long-term reliability and technological advancement.

One of the main attributes of this range is its accuracy and versatility in choice of spread patterns. The CDA® distribution (Coaxial distribution adjustment, no influence from varying rates) excels in spreading evenness across the whole width. The hopper base and outlet specification allows the opening angle to change according to the flow and its shape also modifies the drop point on the distribution disc. The result is a no flow rate variation for a constant spreading evenness over the whole width irrespective of the tractor speed or application rate variation during work. The hopper bases are [...]

Product Information:

The versatile MDS –*10.1 / 11.1 / 12.1 range of spreader has specifically been designed for orchard, vineyard and specialty crop operation (Reduced hopper dimensions). The disc with adjustable spreading pallets allow for normal, border and late top spreading from widths of 10-18m or 20-24m (Disc and vanes manufactured from stainless steel) The three models with 500, 600 and 800 Liter hopper capacities have a slow rotating agitator (180 rpm) to ensure a regular flow without grinding or clogging. The graduated scale and control levers are located at the front of the spreader enabling quick and easy application rate adjustment and the manual opening/closing controls can also be equipped with a hydraulic control. A two row adjustable banding attachment can be fitted as optional equipment to allow for two bands of variable widths to be placed at the root zone of plants.
The versatile MDS *17.1 / 19.1 range of spreader has [...]

Product Information:

The versatile AC2-1000 double disc 3-point mounted spreader with a hopper capacity of ±1000 liters has specifically been designed for the medium size farmer where simplicity in operation, affordability and durability is of great importance. The hopper is made from polyester and fiberglass and this unique combination guarantees a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion produced by chemical agents. All the parts like the disc and distribution blades, calibration plate and bolts are made from stainless steel and to ensure simple and easy calibration, access to the regulation mechanism is very simple. This allows the spreader to be calibrated accurately to spread any type of granular fertilizer (12 to 24m) and also permits quick and easy cleaning. Optional equipment like hydraulic shutter control, sifting mesh, banding chute and mechanical agitator can easily be factory or retro fitted.

Model Capacity Spread With Weight Mount Height AC2-1000 +/- 1000 L 12,15,18,21,24m 233 kg 3-Point 950mm [...]
Product Information:

The P500 with a hopper capacity of 350 Litre, has specifically been designed to cater for the emerging and small farmer who would like a no nonsense value for money spreader that is of sound quality and will ensure a long field service at low cost per hectare. The inner surface wall of the hopper is perfectly smooth to allow the free and continuous fall of the fertilizer toward the exit ports to give constant regularity of spread at the desired opening setting. As optional equipment an internal agitator complete with an acid-resistant buffer wheel can be fitted when powder type or similar fertilizers are used. The tough 1:1 ratio gearbox has an outer shell that is formed from pressed ribbed steel and the tempered conical pinions gears are constantly immersed in an oil bath. To ensure an even width and uniformity of spread of up to14m great care has been taken in [...]

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