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  • July 18, 2016
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Product Information:

The extremely robust range of Cicoria rectangular balers has pick-up widths ranging from 1.4m to1.6m and are specifically designed to suit the requirements of small farms with small horse power tractors, and mid sized farms requiring a high output at low baling cost per hectare.

Common features on all the models would be the high rate of work coupled with low cost and exceptional performance. The general transmission is by means of a helical gear reduction and a single oversized chain. To prevent overloading and damage to the gear reduction, plunger, forks, knotters and needles, a friction PTO over-run clutch and four safety bolts are fitted as a standard protection. To reduce maintenance work and ensure trouble free long life of the transmissions, automatic belt and chain idlers have been fitted. A counterweight crank and large diameter flywheel give greater working stability when the machine is running even at more than 90 strokes [...]

Product Information:

Features of the Bale accumulator for Big Pack bales:

Phiber Bale Stacker: The in cab monitor allows the operator to see how many bales are being carried and allows the
flexibility to eject anytime aer it completes the current bale cycle. On the accumulator the operator
can set it to stack bales two (3×4 or 4×4) or three high (3×4 only). The Vertical Stacking Accumulator
is designed to fit on all major brands of 48″ (120cm) wide balers. The accumulator is
designed for dry hay with bales ranging from 73” (185cm) to 102”(260cm) bale lengths.
The accumulator is attached to the baler with a 3 point system that reduces the load on the back
of the baler. The machine is powered by the tractor hydraulics and can be configured for all three
dierent hydraulic systems on the market. There are multiple safe guards both electronically and

Product Information:

F125/F125XC & F155/155XC

• Bale diameters F125 series Ø1.25m

• Bale diameters F155 series adjustable in 5 cm increments Ø1.25m – 1,55m

• Suited for tractors from 36 to 55kW.
• Fully enclosed bale chamber.
• Low maintenance per hectare.
• Novo-Grip elevator
• Easy-Flow Pick-Up

Breaking new ground in round baling technology, Comprima sets a new benchmark in round baler manufacturing
The comprehensive range consists of fixed, semi-variable and variable chamber models. The new generation Comprima Round Pack series is suited for tractors from 36 to 40kW. Comprima boasts a host of innovative features, including a cam trackless Easy-Flow Pick-Up. Krone is the first manufacturer to offer a pick-up without cam track. The high light of this pick-up unit is the special design of galvanized scrapers, which ensures a continuous flow of crop as the tines retract. Easy flow operates at a higher [...]

Product Information:

F1250/F1250XC & F1600

• The fixed bale chamber of the F1250 series produces 1.25 m diameter bales
• The fixed bale chamber of the F1600 series produces 1.5 m diameter bales
• The chain-and-slat elevator handles the most difficult conditions
• The camless EasyFlow pick-up boosts throughput and reduces wear and tear
• The selectable MultiCut cutting system features 17 knives
• QuattroSpeed – the new twine tying system for four threads on F1250 & F1600 as well as a net wrapping system for even higher throughputs.
• The well-proven net wrapping system for even higher throughputs is on the F1250XC.

• COMFORT control management system

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Product Information:

Success is Easy

•    An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust
•    An endless chain-and-slat elevator
– excels in silage, hay and straw
– eliminates the risk of bale stops
– produces high-density and well-shaped bales
– achieves high bale weights
•    Low input requirement
•    Low dead weight
•    Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design
•    Few and short-length drive chains
•    Camless EasyFlow pick-up

• Bale diameters F series Ø1.25m
• Suited for tractors from 25 to 34kW.
• Fully enclosed bale chamber.
• Low maintenance per hectare.
• Endless chain-and-slat elevator
• Camless Easy-Flow Pick-Up

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