Kuhn – Trailed Twin Rotor (GA 5.4m – 8.8m)

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The KUHN range of GA 7932 rakes with working widths ranging of 7.65m contain machines to suit every need: The central delivery KUHN rakes are particularly suited to harvesting forage with a high nutritional content. KUHN pays great attention to factors like following ground contours, and picking up the whole crop without any contaminants. The specially shaped rotor arms ensure high work output, perfectly structured rows and total reliability. The MASTERDRIVE double reduction system guarantees a long working life with problem-free transmission that can handle even the thickest of green crops. The hydraulic rotor drive on KUHN’s rakes is designed for very intensive use and makes the range even more versatile, reliable and low maintenance.
GA 7932
Linkage by drawbar with parallelogram – large working width – delivery of a lateral windrow or 2 separate windrows – windrow delivered on the right – rear rotor 3D suspension – rotors driven by [...]

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The 3 Point mounted GA 300G / GM ‘Gyrorakes’ allow one to harvest a crop rich in leaves and full of essential nutrients. This range is either available with a fixed or pivoting headstock and is fitted with 9 arms (each with 3 double tines) to allow for a working width of 3.2m To ensure the formation of even, fast drying swaths that are free of stones, the tine arms follow a cam profile that provides a high clearance in the swath area. The fixed headstock is ideally suited for hilly terrain whilst the pivoting headstock allows for increased maneuverability and improved terrain following. Both models are fitted with high flotation balloon tyres for improved performance over uneven terrain.

The 3 Point mounted *GA 4121 GM equipped with 10 tines respectively, with working widths of 4.1m, allow for operation at a higher ground speed while maintaining a slow rotor speed. This ensures that [...]

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Raking and tedding plays a vital role in the grass harvesting process. Timing is of the essence for optimum quality. Raking or tedding with the Kuhn HAYBOB 300 universal hay-making machine with working widths of 3m offers maximum flexibility during the haymaking process. Taking advantage of the perfect ground following capabilities, adjustable tines and crop deflectors ensures that the KUHN HAYBOB provides maximum flexibility for a minimum investment. KUHN universal hay-making machines are not only designed to perform at a high level but are also built for unmatched reliability.

• Attachment 3-Point
• Universal, can rake and tedder
• Working widths of 3m
• Rated for tractors from 11W
• Large balloon tyres for improved performance.

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SR 50 Speed rake
Kuhn, the innovator and leader in the carted wheel rake market, is excited to introduce a new series, the SR 50 SpeedRake® wheel rake.
The SR 50 series boasts exceptional quality and simplicity for smaller acreage producers not requiring the deluxe features of the SR 100 GII. Working widths range from 5,2 – 6,5m with a standard 8-wheel configuration and an optional extension to make a 10-wheel model. The built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slots, combined with simple leaf spring flotation, result in superior terrain following without the need for a tractor equipped with hydraulic float. The fully welded frame provides outstanding reliability and ease of use. Standard single-side raking allows flexibility for ultimate crop management.

SR 108/110/112 Speed rake
The KUHN SR 108, 110 and 112 SpeedRakes are the choice of hay producers looking for a carted wheel rake that can rake hay fast and [...]

The comprehensive and versatile range, with strong frame construction and reinforced headstock, range in sizes from 4 to 10 wheels and have been designed to ensure simplicity and ease in operation with minimum maintenance cost. The rakes with their uniqueness in construction allow for proper working in uneven terrain and even ditches. This can be attributed to the 3 basic components that are independent from each other. (1.Two finger wheels assembled to each rake arm –2. Rake frame –3. Rake head) Each finger wheel is made up of 40 special shaped steel tines to give the best flexibility. This design, coupled with the shock absorbing springs on the 3 Point rake head (relieves ground pressure on the finger wheels) allows for gentle contact with the forage avoiding any soil contamination. To add value to the range, the 4, 5 and 6 wheel rakes can be mounted onto a 3 Point mounted toolbar to enable wide [...]

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